House of Lashes -PIXIE LUXE™

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Ethereal pixies can fly from flower to flower, but what makes their charm irresistible is the impression they leave behind. Crossing paths with that kind of magic is shown artfully in the length extending criss cross weave of Pixie Luxe™ lashes. Densely X layered at the roots and feathery at the ends, no other style makes your eyes look like they have their own set of wings. Even more, Pixie Luxe™ is nearly 3 times thicker than some other criss cross lash styles, and is made to last and be re-worn longer! So, if you've been waiting to be spellbound by some practical magic, then Pixie Luxe™ is the lash style for you! Can fit any eye size and shape. Hand made from 100% cruelty-free synthetic hair.
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