Glitter Tubes -Pumpkin- PRESSED GLITTER 3g

Glitter Tubes_pumpkin_pressed
Glitter Tubes -pumpkin- PRESSED GLITTER 3g
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Pumpkin is orange metallic in colour. Our stunning hand-made pressed glitter pans are extremely easy to work with. Ready to use, without the need of adhesive and mess-free application. Select from the drop box menu either our full size 3g pan or sample size.

When using our pressed glitters, please do bare in mind the delicate nature of the product. You have to use a different technique to apply these, compared to powder eye shadow.

Brush Application
If you choose to use a brush application tool, gently dab the brush into the pressed glitter as this makes the glitter efficiently fix onto the brush and makes applying easier. When applying pressed glitter onto skin, use small and constant strokes to even out product onto selected area.

Finger Application
If you choose to apply with your finger, again, lightly dab into the pressed glitter until the desired amount is attached to your finger and apply with a dabbing motion onto selected area of skin.

Polyethylene Terephthalate,Alcohol,Aloe Barbadensis,Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol,Dimethicone,Jojoba Oil,Phenoxyethanol,
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